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Schedules daily "Hermioni-Hydra"

Hermioni - Hydra & Hydra - Hermioni

With the boats Speed Boat "Christos" and "Elena star"
Trip duration 30 minutes

  From 25/04/2024 08:30 11:00 15:00 17:30
   From 25/04/2024 10:00 12:00 16:00 18:15

For those who want to come from Athens or Piraeus by road to Ermioni and then cross over to Hydra, with our boats "Speed boat Christos" or "Elena Star", the closest route is:
Follow the National Highway Athens - Corinth and immediately after the Isthmus go right to exit 10 (Corinth - Epidaurus). Immediately after, turn left, under the bridge, onto the road that leads to Loutra tis Oreas Eleni and continues towards Epidavros. You pass the Didima location and the Fournous and then you reach Hermioni.

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The beaches "Bisti" και "Saint Nicholaos"

Amazing beaches

Swim in blue-green
crystal clear waters

Bisti beach

Organised beach with
blue-green waters
for sea games

Saint Nicholaos

Organised beach with
small pebble and
crystal clear waters

With our boats we organise group cruises in Hydra island, Ermioni,
Spetses island, Porto Xeli, Poros island, Methana, Aegina island,
Agistri island, Epidavros and to all the Saronic gulf.

Our company organises ...

We transfer safely school students on vacations or businessmen for a conference to beautiful beaches or for fine dining and guests at weddings or baptisms. We organize trips for performances at Epidaurus theater or for visits to monasteries and churches of the Saronic Gulf. We also transport passengers from Metochi, situated on the coast of the Peloponnese, opposite to Hydra island.

Our Destinations

Awesome beaches





Porto Xeli

Ancient Theater


Our vessels

Our Company "Hydra Tours Travel" operates in the marine tourism for over 35 years, providing seaworthy boats, three speedboats and one conventional traditional (from wood), depending on the requirements and number of passengers.


What we can organise with our boats for you


Intra-day or day trips, carrying group or individuals on the best untouched beaches and locations of islands or making the circumnavigation of the island or going from island to island.


We transfer safely school students or businessmen/women to beautiful beaches for swimming or to the best seaside taverns.


We transfer the bride and groom and their guests in the church that will do the wedding and to the wedding reception.


We transport the guests in the place that the baptism and reception will be held, as well as guests of other events in the area that the event will be held.


We transfer groups or visitors for religious tourism on islands with religious interest, to visit Churches and Monasteries.


We transfer groups or visitors for archaeological tourism in areas of archaeological interest and to visit archaeological sites.


We transfer lovers for hiking and climbing, in Hydra island and Methana peninsula, combining hiking with the study of the unique flora of these areas, as well as for visits at the 30 craters of the volcano of Methana, unique spectacle, not only for the Saronic Gulf, but also throughout Greece.


We organize trips to the ancient theater of Epidaurus, allowing guests to watch the summer theatrical performances.


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